Beeswax polish – how to apply it to your furniture correctly

Solid hardwood furniture such as oak, teak, sheesham or mango should receive regular treatment with a quality finishing product at least three to four times a year to keep the wood in top condition. Unfinished wood can easily crack or split and is prone to staining from moisture or spills. We recommend beeswax polish. Try to avoid store-bought spray polishes as these are silicone based and only serve to dry out the timber. In this article, we explain how to apply beeswax polish to your hardwood furniture.

The best type of beeswax polish to look for is natural creamed beeswax polish. Creamed beeswax is a lot easier to work than a more solid wax and does not clump like a paste type polish. Not only does beeswax produce a deep lustrous shine that will enhance the look of your home but it is also a low odour, clean smelling polish which will not fill your home with harsh chemical smells like other products. Applying beeswax polish is not a difficult or time-consuming task but should be done with care:

Firstly, using a soft clean cloth, apply the natural beeswax polish directly from the jar, applying sparingly, following the direction of the grain of the wood. Try to achieve a thin, even coat across the whole surface of the piece, covering small areas at a time rather than trying to coat the whole piece in a single application.

If you find your polish is a little thick, or are using a paste type polish, simply keep rubbing your cloth over the surface of the furniture until a thin, even coating is achieved. Using a fresh soft cloth, begin buffing the wood surface lightly, again following the direction of the grain. Buff the piece until you achieve the degree of shine required. Beeswax is able to produce a fantastic rich sheen when buffed correctly. Should you require a lesser degree of shine, simply buff the piece less.

You’re done. Stand back and admire your furniture knowing it is protected from the elements as well as spills and will look fantastic for months to come. Natural beeswax polish can be obtained from most good hardware stores, many large supermarkets or ordered online from many retailers including Amazon.

About the author

Matt Evans is a furniture and home improvement fanatic from Wales. His favourite furniture is Asian hardwood furniture such as Mango Furniture and Sheesham Furniture.

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