Best tips to look after your expensive wood furniture

There is no doubt that the best way to look after your furniture is cherishing it. Solid wood furniture can be very expensive, so we have to make sure that we take good care of it, enhance its beauty and make it last a lifetime.

Looking after your furniture properly and preventing any harm is the key to keep its original colour and finish.

Dampen a soft cloth in warm water and dust the surfaces of your furniture. In order not to leave any water spots, use a clean dry cloth afterwards to wipe clean. If there are any light stains, you can always use a specific cleaner, but do not overuse them, as they may be corrosive.

Polishing your furniture with wax is a great option. Polish and wax will form a protective layer over your cherished surfaces, preventing stains and scratches, but it is not recommended to do more than once or twice a year.

All light scratches and dents will happen to the wax layer, not the wood itself. Use a good high-quality wax and apply sparingly with a clean lint-free cloth, and buff the area until the surface looks consistent and beautiful. Beeswax is definitely the best. Bear in mind that contrary to common knowledge, wax should build up, but the key is to buff the area evenly so that the wax builds up clear to create a protective layer that will bring shine and will enhance the beauty of your furniture.

Make sure your expensive solid wood furniture items are placed away from direct light. Light can cause irreversible colour changes to wood and pigments.

Wood is an organic material and therefore will react to changes in temperature and humidity. Very dry air will harm your wood – as it will shrink and dry – while too much moist in the air may cause expansion of the wood and what’s even worse, it may be the cause of some pests. In damp conditions, some timbers such as walnut and oak can be at risk from fungal attack and wood boring insects. So both, very dry and very moist air should be avoided.

Usually, common sense is all you need to look after your nice furniture. Protect your furniture with beeswax, that you will apply once or twice a year, maintain a stable temperature and humidity scenario, avoid placing furniture near sources of heat – such as radiators – and cold air – such as air conditioning units and keep your furniture away from direct sunlight. Also, be careful when handling your items, especially chairs, as they are moved around very often, as we sit and stand up!

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