Hardwood floor cleaning – the basics

Hardwood floors have always been a favourite choice among homeowners for many years and its appeal hasn’t diminished at all. It can be very classy whether inside the home or office. Despite the expense involved in installing this type of flooring, it has the significant durability and overall look to offset the costs when done correctly.

Hardwood floors requiring floor cleaning is not an easy job. In fact, it can be downright meticulous owing to the natural tendency of hardwood floors to stain easily. Wood can easily get damaged by spills from water or other liquids and floors such as these are not immune to these hazards. In order to prolong the life of these floors, it is important to be aware of the ways of maintaining it in its prime condition.

As far as floor cleaning is concerned, it is important to use the proper wood sealer. Owing to its porous structure, wood has a tendency to absorb liquids into itself or through the gaps between planks. Applying the right amount of sealer will do wonders in protecting the wood against unnecessary spills and help in the floor cleaning process. Note that hardwood floors without the sealer coating are prone to being damaged much more easily.

The life of the applied wood sealer is such that it may need replacing from time to time. It is prone to normal wearing off from friction caused by foot or general traffic. In cases where the sealer has been worn down considerably, it may have to be stripped off completely from the flooring and a new sealer coating will have to be reapplied.

The surface of the wood flooring can be exposed through surface abrasions and other scratches that can damage the sealer coating. It is important to be careful in moving or positioning heavy equipment or furniture. As much as possible, try to avoid the need to drag these things and make use of a felt pad, for example, to assist in aiding movement.

Dirt, whether coming from the outside or inside, is also a potential factor that can affect the wood surface. The most common carrier of dirt is the one coming from the soles of shoes. Floor cleaning requires regular sweeping of the floor to remove the excess dirt before mopping. Doormats can serve to trap most of the outside dirt before getting into the inner floors. Floors that aren’t maintained properly are prone to scratches and this can make floor cleaning more difficult.

As time passes by, the possibility that the floor may lose its initial lustre and start fading despite proper maintenance. It is quite likely that a layer of stains and maybe even bacteria have caused this to happen. In this situation, unsuccessful floor cleaning efforts may need to be augmented by actually calling in professional assistance. One possible solution is that the floor itself may simply need to be cleaned and buffed to restore the floor to its former pristine appearance. Another solution is to inspect the sealer itself for possible replacement and in severe cases, having to sand the wood itself in preparation for polishing and resealing.

Floor cleaning is a task that can either be done by members of the household or through the calling in of a professional floor cleaning specialist. Regardless of who does the job, it remains to be a fact that the maintenance of the hardwood floors is a responsibility of the people using them. Proper care and maintenance will result in a better-looking floor for days to come.

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